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Acer Predator Apollo RGB 16GB (2 x 8GB) 3600MHz

  • Samsung B-Die: Thanks to the use of Samsung B-Die special ICs, Predator Apollo maintains high frequency and stable operation under extremely low timing, and gives full play to the system performance potential.
  • Cool shape and Integrated RGB: Predator Apollo DRAM Module design is inspired by the future style of cyberpunk. The large-area long straight array lines on the surface are cleverly distributed through the golden ratio, which integrates the aesthetics of esports art; RGB light effects support mainstream motherboard manufacturers' lighting effect and it's extremely replayable.
  • Super heat dissipation and More intense battle: Predator Apollo's heat dissipation vest is made of pure aluminum. The surface adopts a dense hollow design, which greatly increases the contact area between the surface and the air. It has super heat dissipation performance to ensure stable performance under high-intensity operation of the memory.

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